An Overview of IBAC

The details of the implementation of the Bible Institute ministry has been modified and improved over the years. The current concept is to bring biblical/theological/pastoral training to a specific location and over the course of 7 years to teach 14-15 courses.  Each course is taught in a one-week trip. The instructors are men and women who have teaching gifts and a passion to see pastors and leaders developed. An integral part of this ministry is a team of Nicaraguan leaders who make all the logistical arrangements (planning trips and interaction with the pastors, securing hotels, rental vehicles, establishing budgets, etc.) and who translate for those who have no proficiencies in Spanish. Teams usually arrive on a Saturday, prior to the beginning of the week of teaching, which begins on Monday and continues through Thursday or Friday.

The curriculum used for the Bible Institutes has been primarily developed by Dr. Jim Wilson (ThM., 1986; DMin., 2001 – Dallas Theological Seminary). English speaking instructors are provided with a copy of the course material and the Spanish students are provided with a mirror copy of the material in Spanish. Keynote/Powerpoint presentations are used as visual and learning aids. The material is intended to provide instructors with sufficient direction so that instructors are not left guessing as to where to begin, but there is also an expectation that instructors will personalize the material.

A course is taught over the course of a week and each day usually begins at 8:30 am and continues until 2:30 or 3:00 pm. Short breaks are taken between sessions and there is a one hour break for lunch. Teaching teams (usually 3-5 persons) divide the sessions among themselves well ahead of the trip in order to prepare for their teaching assignments. Teaching Team training (overview of the course, session-walk throughs, question and answer, resourcing, etc.) is available through Skype and correspondence with Jim Wilson. (; Skype: jim.wilson.efca)

The cost of a trip usually ranges between $1,300 and $1,500 per person. This cost includes: air-fare, translators, hotel accommodations, vehicle rental, fuel cost, food. Funds for transporting and feeding pastors are also raised – but that is a separate cost and creative options for raising these funds is available from Jim Wilson.

Click here for a list of Bible Institute courses.

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