Purpose Statement

IBAC, Institutos Bíblicos de las Américas y el Caribe, exists to equip Latin American Church leaders with theological, biblical, and pastoral education and mobilize the North American Church to strategically invest internationally.

Equipping Latin American Church Leaders

Many pastors and church leaders in developing nations have not had the opportunity to receive more than a grade school or high school education and face a number of obstacles that stand in the way of being able deepen their theological preparation. The passion of IBAC is to equip them with high-level, biblically faithful education and ministry training, free-of-charge. IBAC develops relationships with groups of pastors and ministry leaders in a given region and offers to provide its training regardless of denominational or theological affiliation. The training is provided via a series of weeklong sessions, held twice a year in each location, until they’ve finished the curriculum. The series of 15 biannual trainings usually lasts 7-8 years.

Mobilizing the North American Church

IBAC facilitates a partnership between institute locations in Latin America and North American sponsor churches. At a minimum, a sponsor church sends teachers and provides funding necessary to effective training. Sponsor churches may also send a holistic ministry team alongside their teaching team.

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