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IBAC couldn’t grow without these people –

Through the years God has built up an incredible team of people who serve with this ministry including 17 Latino men who regularly teach with us which allows us to serve so many different locations. All of these men are involved in their local church, some as lead pastors, others as teachers and lay leaders, as well as in other ministries.

Over the past 20 years of ministry in Latin America, IBAC has formed relationships with thousands of Latino pastors and leaders.  In the course of our equipping ministry, IBAC leadership has identified several pastors who have the gift of teaching and leadership.  For the past several years a significant ministry focus of IBAC has been to equip, develop, and mobilize these gifted men who have begun teaching and leading in our Bible Institutes.  The strategic plan to mobilize these gifted, national leaders results in the expansion of our geographic coverage, puts these talented servants “in the game” of missions, and relieves the travel pressure from our current leadership.  We invite you to join us in the intentional initiative to mobilize these Latino leaders.

Help us mobilize these leaders

The average monthly cost to mobilize a teacher is $125/month.  You can mobilize a member of the team by giving $125/month, or give a gift of any amount to the Mobilize a Pastor Teacher fund and help equip and mobilize this incredible team.  Your gift will cover their travel expenses, and a stipend for teaching.  If you wish, we will connect you with an individual teacher so that a relationship of mutual edification and prayer can be established and maintained.  Please consider becoming a critical component of developing, empowering, and releasing these amazing servant-leaders.

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