Nicaragua Crisis Update October 2018

Thank you for your continued prayers for the situation in Nicaragua! We so appreciate you remembering IBAC staff and partners there as they go through these uncertain times. The last week in September, we held an institute in Nicaragua for the first time...

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Nicaragua Crisis Update September 2018

We appreciate your prayers for what has been happening in Nicaragua this year. As was communicated previously, we saw no other choice but to postpone a number of IBAC events in June and July given the situation. Heading into these final months of 2018, we...

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Moving beyond Central America

As of this year, we're excited to be developing active locations not just in Central America, but in South America as well. In September we'll launch in Bolivia and in we'll be in Ecuador in October. It became a little uncomfortable to be talking about...

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Nicaragua Crisis Update July 2018

Nicaragua continues to suffer. A pre-summer protest has violently evolved into a political and civil crisis. Property has been destroyed, lives have been lost, and attempts at dialogue have failed to bring resolution. The situation is complicated and...

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