IBAC Curriculum

IBAC uses a bilingual curriculum designed by our founder, Dr Jim Wilson, in the early 2000s. However, the material periodically evolves to communicate more clearly and effectively.

A number of values have guided the creation and revision of the curriculum:


Biblical faithfulness and theological accuracy


Flexibility in methods of delivery


Cultural neutrality


Challenging content


Reproducibility in a variety of contexts

Courses Offerered

1 Trust and Obey

2 Reading the Bible

3 Bible Study Methods, part 1

4 Bible Study Methods, part 2

5 Preparing Biblical Messages

6 Survey of the Old Testament

7 Survey of the New Testament

8 Doctrine of God

9 Doctrine of Christ

10 Doctrine of Holy Spirit

11 Doctrine of Man and Sin

12 Doctrine of Salvation

13 Doctrine of the Church and Pastoral Theology

14 Seven Laws of the Learner

15 Church History

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