As I (Jim Wilson) write this IBAC has already completed 7 Bible Institutes in 2019 – two in Costa Rica; two in Nicaragua; two in Panama; one in Africa.  A team leaves tomorrow for the mountains of Panama, and another will leave Saturday for central Nicaragua. Then, in successive weeks, we will have Bible Institutes in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. We have a full calendar, not just for March and April, but for the remainder of the year. We can definitely use your prayers for sustained energy and for keeping everything organized and operational. 

Prayers of gratitude for God’s goodness are also appropriate.  God has expanded the horizons of IBAC over two decades.  We began, in 1998, with a focus on one country – Nicaragua.  By 2008 we were thinking about other countries.  At the request of a Panamanian missionary who had heard about our work in Nicaragua, we opened a Bible Institute among the Ngobe tribe in Panama.  By 2012 we began a Bible Institute in Costa Rica.  All still Central America- but God was blessing and expanding.  Praise Him!

Now, as 2019 unfolds, we find ourselves in 9 countries (Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador, Bolivia, United States, Sierra Leone). That’s Central America, South America, North America, and Africa


Along with expansion of territory, we’ve seen expansion of our team. God has blessed IBAC with great staff (Dave and Angie Ziel), an increasing number of Partner Churches, and a competent staff of Latinos – translators, professors, and leaders. These men, along with the support of their wives, will continue to deploy their teaching gifts, and in the months and years ahead we will also utilize their leadership skills. They will be supervising/overseeing Bible Institutes in order to ensure that content is communicated with clarity.  See photo above of a recent opportunity to meet with nearly all our Costa Rican professors and leaders.

There are several benefits of this strategic move. We will be mobilizing gifted people and giving them opportunities to be involved in global missions; Latino students will benefit tremendously by hearing from Latino teachers; the load of ministry travel will be lessened as it is shared with these brothers; a deep sense of cooperation and collaboration will develop as North Americans and Latinos work together as equals.

So… thanks for your prayers for us being able to keep up.  And… thanks for your prayers for God expanding our team and capacity as He continues to expand our impact.