As of this year, we’re excited to be developing active locations not just in Central America, but in South America as well. In September we’ll launch in Bolivia and in we’ll be in Ecuador in October. It became a little uncomfortable to be talking about “Bible Institutes of Central America” with our contacts in locations south of Panama.

So, we’re launching a new name and keeping the letters IBAC! As of now, we’ll be referring to IBAC as Bible Institutes of the Americas and Caribbean, or Institutos Bíblicos de las Américas y el Caribe, in Spanish.

Not only does this new name include our southern continental friends, it also better reflects the partnership between churches throughout the Americas: local churches throughout the continent taking an interest in other pastors and leaders and providing for their equipping. Often, that means a church in North America providing the teaching and resources for those in Central and South America; however, it also embraces the relationships like Dios es Fiel Church in Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica partnering with Summit Church in Alabama to work together in providing training for pastors and leaders in Soloy, Panama. Christ Community Church in Pinehurst, North Carolina is bringing training to Central America AND reaching out to local Hispanic pastors and leaders in the Pinehurst area.

We’re excited for the ways that God is equipping pastors and leaders throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. If you’re interested in helping meet current needs for this growth, contact us about how you can get involved!”