Nicaragua continues to suffer. A pre-summer protest has violently evolved into a political and civil crisis. Property has been destroyed, lives have been lost, and attempts at dialogue have failed to bring resolution. The situation is complicated and uncertain.

Because of the possibility of encountering random violence, and due to the presence of roadblocks which made travel within the country extremely difficult, we saw no other option but to postpone the scheduled events in Nicaragua these last couple months. These were tough decisions. We are thankful to report that our Nicaraguan staff and their families have thankfully remained safe, despite violent incidents near some of their homes.

We are staying up to date on the current situation and will be evaluating in the coming months whether we can move forward, as we hope, with our scheduled events in September and beyond.

Our brothers and sisters are hurting and in need of encouragement. Our hearts break for them, and we would love to be with them, and pray with them, and strengthen them. Please pray that God opens doors for us to renew our ministry to our suffering family. The experience of suffering as a result of political crisis is not a new phenomenon. The New Testament letters are saturated in suffering. James, Peter, John, and Paul all write to believers in crisis. Of the three things Paul mentions in Romans 12:12, we can do two of them. We are not the ones enduring suffering, but we can rejoice in hope, and persist in prayer.