Thank you for your continued prayers for the situation in Nicaragua! We so appreciate you remembering IBAC staff and partners there as they go through these uncertain times.

The last week in September, we held an institute in Nicaragua for the first time since May. The teaching team came from Costa Rica without any problems and met up with Cairo, our coordinator for most events in Nicaragua and who serves as a primary contact for the churches and pastors’ councils with whom we have a connection there. During our 5 days in Esquipulas, we saw little sign of the unrest that’s been present in the country.

Cairo recently shared the testimony below with us while we were together:

In spite of the circumstances in Nicaragua, it is amazing how many pastors from all the Bible Institute locations in Nicaragua have called me to request that we continue with the ministry focus IBAC has implemented in their areas.

They believe that God has a plan to equip His people and the political-economic crisis is a test of our faith in our God. The majority of mission teams (from other organizations) have canceled their trips to Nicaragua, but the pastors see a period of revival during the rough situation of the country. We are encouraged by the brothers and sisters who are not asking to meet their physical needs but to help them become better equipped for ministry. God’s Word is still being preached in the midst of hardship.

We are planning to move forward with the planned institutes in Nicaragua through the end of the year. This week Jim and some Costa Rican partners are teaching in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua and later in October we’ll be in Ometepe and Granada.

Please continue to pray for:

  • IBAC staff and partners living in Nicaragua
  • Smooth border crossings without questioning
  • Unhindered logistical preparation for the institutes
  • Freedom from questioning for the attendees
  • No interruptions during the institute
  • God’s strengthening of the Church in Nicaragua through these trials