Nicaragua has been the country with the most IBAC locations in our 22 years of teaching. It’s often been in international news for political happenings, but now recently for a couple of hurricanes that made landfall in the northeast corner of the country. Cairo Fariñas, IBAC’s ministry coordinator for Nicaragua, provides an update on the situation there:

As we approach the end of 2020, we can all look around and realize how strange this year has been worldwide. There have been all kinds of events, some good and others not so good.


But, we firmly continue to believe in the Sovereignty of God.


In a period of three weeks, Central America was impacted by two category 4 and 5 hurricanes. Hurricanes Eta and Iota caused around 40 deaths in Nicaragua.  Through floods and horrible mudslides these hurricanes caused not only many deaths, but they also caused much destruction, leaving entire families without a home. The eyes of both hurricanes impacted the East Coast of Nicaragua directly.


Churches were not an exception to the effects of the hurricanes. Some of them lost roofs, others were completely destroyed. A well known pastor and friend of IBAC suffered the loss of his church’s roof in the town of Puerto Cabezas, which also faces the contamination of wells and most of the water sources in the area. But, this church and their pastor are only one example of many people who suffered the effects of the hurricanes in Nicaragua and Central America.


We ask you to join us in prayers for our brothers and sisters and the entire Central American region as they work to recover from emotional and physical damages.

Thanks for praying with us for Nicaragua!