IBAC couldn’t have grown to it’s current 30 institutes without the important partnership of many Latin Americans who teach alongside our full-time staff and sponsor church teams. Esteban, a Bolivian pastor living in Costa Rica, is one of those leaders who has had an impact in his adopted country and in his home country. He shares a testimony below of his involvement and what IBAC means to him.

We are the Amaya family (Esteban, Bethany, Josiah, Lidia, and Julia). I would like share a little with you about what IBAC has meant to us over the past two years.

Firstly, it has allowed us to enjoy fellowship with Dr. Jim Wilson, David Ziel, and other brothers and sisters in Christ who support IBAC.  It has also been a blessing to refresh Biblical and theological principles and concepts, and that has been true personally as we have been able to do so.

I have been able to see IBAC begin and develop in two different areas. In Costa Rica I have had the opportunity to be involved in helping with the logistics. What sets IBAC apart is how they adjust to the need of the body of Christ. It is like correctly fitting clothes. I also have been able to be a part of the start of IBAC in Bolivia and how the great need to prepare leaders and pastors is being met. I am full of joy and gratitude to the Lord for meeting this need through IBAC.

I want to highlight once again that what sets IBAC apart is how it complements the work of the local church in meeting its need to form and equip servants and leaders with theological principles and concepts.